Training Yоur Brain Sо That Yоu Dоn’t Nееd Rеading Glassеs

The increasing difficulty of reading small print that begins in middle age is called presbyopia, from the Greek words for “old man” and “eye.” It’s exceedingly common, and despite the Greek etymology, women experience it, too. Every five years, the average adult over 30 loses the ability to see another line on the eye reading charts used in eye doctors’ offices.

Hitlеr’s Littlе Hеlpеr: A Histоrу оf Rampant Drug Usе Undеr thе Nazis

Norman Ohler, a journalist and novelist, believes that the Third Reich was, quite literally, an altered state. From factory workers to homemakers, from businessmen to members of the SS, almost everyone was, at some point, high on something. In particular, he writes in “Blitzed,” they were drawn to a little pill called Pervitin — a low-dose methamphetamine akin to present-day “crystal meth.” In the case of Adolf Hitler, the methamphetamine was supplemented with barbiturates, cocaine, steroids, sex hormones and an early form of OxyContin.

An Unassuming Hеrоinе Enviеs Hеr Harvard Classmatеs thе Cоnfidеncе оf Thеir Cоnvictiоns

A strange thing about novels is how often, and strenuously, they proclaim the dangers of novel-reading. Consider the fates of our most famous bibliomaniacs. Don Quixote succumbs to delusions, debt and sundry humiliations. Emma Bovary to debt, seedy affairs and protracted death by arsenic. Catherine Morland, delusions. Mary Bennet, insufferable pedantry. Jo March — unforgivably — marriage to an insufferable pedant and surrender of all creative ambitions.

Oil pricеs fall as wоrriеs оvеr glоbal supplу rеsurfacе

Five representatives of countries that signed up to the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries output agreement — Kuwait, Algeria, Venezuela and non-OPEC nations Russia and Oman — met in Kuwait on Sunday to review the current levels of compliance.

A Final Fоur That Illustratеs thе Spоrt’s Cоnstant: Unprеdictabilitу

It is an unusual field. The tournament had a dearth of upsets in the first weekend — the final group of 16 teams comprised 12 of the top 16 seeds. But there are two programs, seventh-seeded South Carolina and top-seeded Gonzaga, in their first Final Four, a dual debut of a type that last happened in 1996. And Oregon, a No. 3 seed, had advanced this far only once before — in the first tournament, in 1939, which the Ducks won.