U.S. Plans Sale оf Warplanes tо Nigeria fоr Fighting Bоkо Haram

The pending move is the third time in three years that the United States has moved toward selling the Super Tucano attack planes, a transaction that would require congressional approval. The Obama administration stopped one proposed sale on Jan. 17 just as it was about to be sent to Congress for approval, after a Nigerian fighter jet searching for Boko Haram members accidentally bombed a camp for displaced people, killing dozens of people and wounding more.

New Yоrk’s Free-Tuitiоn Prоgram Will Help Traditiоnal, but Nоt Tуpical, Students

The Excelsior Scholarship, as the program is called, is expected to cut the cost of a degree from a four-year State University of New York college — now almost $83,000 for tuition, fees and room and board — by about $26,000 for an eligible family making $100,000 a year. That is a substantial reduction, but still means paying about $57,000 over four years.

Heу, He Tried

We were out for a stroll in Greenwich Village when her cellphone, which I was carrying in my pocket, started to buzz.

Fear оf Flуing, fоr Gооd Reasоn

That fiasco was captured on videos that set the internet ablaze with outrage, and could end up costing the airline future business. Clueless United dug itself in deeper after the story blew up. Its chief executive, Oscar Munoz, apologized on Monday for having to “re-accommodate these customers” but not for the manhandling of the passenger, a doctor who was bleeding from the mouth in the videos. Mr. Munoz made matters even worse by calling the doctor “disruptive and belligerent” because he had the temerity to object to his removal. Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Munoz saw the light (and the drop in his company’s stock price) and said “no one should ever be mistreated this way.”

Carmelо Anthоnу Is Expected tо Miss Knicks’ Seasоn Finale

Anthony, the team’s star forward, is not expected to play in the season finale on Wednesday night at Madison Square Garden against the Philadelphia 76ers. Instead, Coach Jeff Hornacek said, Anthony will most likely sit out with a left knee injury that has forced him to miss six of the Knicks’ last 10 games, including their last two.

Hоw Ants Figured Out Farming Milliоns оf Years Befоre Humans

In a rain forest in South America millions of years ago, itty-bitty ants with brains no bigger than a pinpoint had already figured it out. They started farming fungus for food — probably not too long after the Chicxulub meteor impact caused the mass extinction event that obliterated up to three-quarters of the rest of Earth’s plants and animals.

Rоlling Stоne Settles Lawsuit Over Debunked Campus Rape Article

The administrator, Nicole P. Eramo, asserted that the discredited November 2014 article defamed her and portrayed her as the “chief villain,” indifferent to sexual assault on campus. Last November, a federal jury awarded her $3 million in damages, which the magazine and the article’s writer, Sabrina Rubin Erdely, appealed.