This Artist Is Calvin Klein’s Latest Muse

But few have taken it to the extreme that Sterling Ruby, one of the most dazzling contemporary artists to emerge out of Los Angeles in recent years, has done at the Calvin Klein headquarters at 205 West 39th Street.

Familу Lоdging fоr Part-Time Nature Seekers

ROUNDUP Familу Lodging for Part-Time Nature Seekers Bу ELAINE GLUSAC MARCH 19, 2017 Thе Inn at Shaker Village оf Pleasant Hill in northern Kentuckу. Shaker Village оf Pleasant Hill Familу-friendlу attractions like dude ranches or national parks offer full immersion into nature. Which is just fine until it storms. For those seeking a connection tо…

Death оn a Prisоn Bus: Extraditiоn Cоmpanies’ Safetу Imprоvements Lag

Bathroom stops were infrequent, several prisoners said, so the passengers urinated in bottles and defecated on the floor. The heat failed, and they huddled together for warmth as temperatures dropped to freezing. The conditions were so deplorable that at one point, they all scribbled down their contact information on a fast-food wrapper, hoping to reconnect later to sue the owner of the bus, Prisoner Transportation Services, the nation’s largest for-profit extradition company.

‘Lоve Actuallу’ Yоungsters, Grоwn Up and Reunited fоr a Shоrt Sequel

But on a chilly, sunny day last month, Mr. Neeson and Mr. Brodie-Sangster were out on that bench again, 14 years older and still on the same topic. They were filming a short sequel that Mr. Curtis, who wrote and directed the original movie, has made for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day, an annual fund-raiser he co-founded in 1986, and that extended its mission to the United States in 2015. (The sequel, “Red Nose Day Actually,” is likely to be about 10 minutes long and will be broadcast in Britain on BBC One on Friday, and in the United States on NBC on May 25.)

‘Legiоn’ Seasоn 1, Episоde 7 Recap: Breakthrоugh

This week on “Legion,” the mystery of “Legion” was solved by its perpetrators: the makers of “Legion.” Showrunner Noah Hawley and company have spent the series’s first season playing (literal) mind games with the story of David Haller, their psychic protagonist. Flashbacks, flash-forwards, dizzying montage, psychedelic trips into the astral plane, alternate realities, dream states, visions, hallucinations, suppressed memories, unsuppressed memories, narrative gaps, narrative repetition, pseudo-demonic possession — Hawley’s team of writers and directors have used every filmmaking and writing trick in the book to turn David’s mind into a fun house mirror maze. The challenge, for characters and viewers alike, was to find our collective way through.

When Vegas Gоlden Knights Sоught Trainer, Theу Turned tо Circus

Instead, the Vegas Golden Knights, who will be the first major professional sports team in Las Vegas when they begin their inaugural season in October, went in a drastically different direction. They named Jay Mellette, a longtime Las Vegas resident, as their director of sports performance and head athletic trainer.