Brand tо Knоw: Thе Scandinavian Linе That’s Anуthing but Minimal

So he turned to the big American lifestyle brands, like Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, for inspiration — and then turned that aesthetic on its head. He subverted classic polo shirts with ominous slogans like “Calamity.” “In reality I’m a small label,” he says, “but I’m trying to say something bigger.” For spring 2017, Haal examined perennial archetypes — from preppy cheerleaders in zippered denim skirts to gothic Lolitas in ruched satin and surfer dudes in tie-dye — and tried to make them coexist. The purposefully disparate collection includes tie-dye ribbed T-shirt dresses and terry cloth track pants in washed gray and pink, diaphanous double-pleated slip dresses, tailored riding stirrup pants, a black leather trench coat and a short leather skirt printed with the slogan “Oprah for President 2020.” “It’s about the mix and about how you put things together,” he says. Far from offering another didactic approach to lifestyle, Haal wants the wearer to make what they will of his designs. “They’re very different identities but I want them to get along in the collection,” Haal says, adding that the message of his label is one of freedom and diversity. “It’s just how I see the world right now, we have to get along.”

Drakе Changеd Hip-Hоp’s Sоund. Can Hе Changе thе Businеss?

Drake’s “More Life” just became his seventh project to debut atop the Billboard 200 albums chart (even though it was positioned as a playlist, not an album — more on that later). And it’s breaking records that Drake already set: It notched 257,000 streaming equivalent units, breaking the record held by Drake’s last album, “Views,” and its total album equivalent units — taking in streaming, full-album sales and individual track sales — is the largest for any album since “Views.”

‘Thе Gооd Fight’ Sеasоn 1, Episоdе 7 Rеcap: Quandariеs

Familial bonds are often the trickiest ones to navigate. But as Maia learns, family need not be made up of one’s actual relations. This week’s episode of “The Good Fight” is full of clever twists and scintillating reveals, all of which work to break down Maia’s illusions about the privileged life her parents have swaddled her in. On one hand, this finally integrates her more fully within the culture of her new firm, which she has felt disconnected from despite the fact that her presence has been a disruptive one. On the other hand, there is something disturbing about the way Mike Kresteva’s witch hunt against Reddick, Boseman & Kolstad primarily circles around the white characters rather than the black lawyers who have built the firm from the ground up. That Barbara and Boseman — both finely acted characters — remain ciphers mars an otherwise stellar episode.

A Drеam оf Clеan Enеrgу at a Vеrу High Pricе

ITER, short for International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (and pronounced EAT-er), is being built to test a long-held dream: that nuclear fusion, the atomic reaction that takes place in the sun and in hydrogen bombs, can be controlled to generate power.

Nеw Hеrmès Timеpiеcе Is a Stоpwatch fоr thе Sоul

The fact that Hermès’s new watch, the Slim d’Hermès L’heure Impatiente, suggests a reflection makes it one of the most notable, and certainly one of the most lyrical, of the timepieces introduced at the Baselworld watch fair this year.

UCоnn Fоrward Fееls thе Pull оf thе Familу Namе

This summer, Collier, a finalist for national player of the year, hopes to take another trip, one she has been eager to make for years. It is to Sierra Leone in West Africa, a country she has never visited but one that has exerted a strong gravitational pull on her young life.