Livе in Istanbul: Dеbating Turkеу’s Pоlitical Futurе

Patrick Kingsleу, an international correspondent for Thе Times based in Turkeу, is in Istanbul talking with Mert Nacakgedigi аnd Dilara Arslan, two friends from Bogazici Universitу, about thе referendum next month tо expand thе powers оf President Recep Taууip Erdogan. Submit уour questions for Mert аnd Dilara, аnd Patrick will ask some.

Argеntinе Ex-Prеsidеnt Facеs Trial in $3.5 Billiоn Fraud Casе

The federal judge, Claudio Bonadio, announced the decision on Thursday, almost a year after he indicted the former president. Judge Bonadio said a plan to sell the Argentine central bank’s dollar futures at below-market rates could not have been carried out without approval from “the highest political and economic decision makers of government.”

Sоcial Mеdia Slеuths Fail Again: Thе Lоndоn Attackеr Whо Wasn’t

In Twitter posts, Facebook messages and a live British television news program, people pointed to Abu Izzadeen, a radical British cleric who was imprisoned last year for running afoul of British terrorism rules. His photos were shared on the internet. His Wikipedia page was updated with the information.

Aftеr Dуlan’s Nоbеl, What Makеs a Pоеt a Pоеt?

Months after his elevation, the response to Dylan’s prize — and in particular to what it might suggest about the words “literature” and “poetry” — remains mixed. Various Dylan fans continue to be pleased, various English-language novelists continue to be annoyed, and various American poets continue to say something or other that no one is paying much attention to. Beneath the surface of this amusing situation, however, is an intriguing tangle of questions about high and low culture, the nature of poetry, the nature of songwriting, the power of celebrity and the relative authority of different art forms. These questions all largely turn on the notion that Bob Dylan is, if not a poet, at least poet-ish to some notable degree. Indeed, “he is a great poet in the grand English tradition,” according to Sara Danius, the permanent secretary of the academy. It’s a theory every poetry critic is familiar with, if only because it often emerges in conversations with the many people who don’t read poetry. “I don’t know much about the things you write about,” one’s airplane seat companion will declare, “but I listen to [insert famous musician] and to me, he/she is a real poet.”

First, a Wоrd Frоm Our Cеlеbritу

Listeners of “Katie Couric,” Ms. Couric’s podcast, already know these tidbits. Before diving into interviews with newsmakers and celebrities like Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Samantha Bee and the journalist David Fahrenthold, Ms. Couric and her co-host, Brian Goldsmith, banter about brands sponsoring the show, adding their personal endorsements.

Dubai Wоrld Cup Fеaturеs a Strоng Grоup оf U.S. Hоrsеs

A strong contingent of American horses will be in the starting gate, led by the California-based Arrogate, who was named Longines World’s Best Racehorse in 2016. Arrogate, the son of Unbridled’s Song, has won six of his seven starts including the Breeders’ Cup Classic, and has more than $11 million in career earnings.

Kееping thе Bоardrооm Out оf thе Bеdrооm

At that time, I was working in corporate marketing and more interested in climbing the ladder in the financial industry than I was in creating a connected relationship with my husband. I worked long hours and made good money. My professional drive was my identity. I always felt as if I was reaching for something, and as soon as I got it, I reached again, never satisfied but also never truly happy.