Trump’s Russia Mоtives

President Trump certainly seems to have a strange case of Russophilia. He has surrounded himself with aides who have Russian ties. Those aides were talking to Russian agents during the campaign, and some are now pushing a dubious peace deal in Ukraine. Trump recently went so far as to equate the United States and Vladimir Putin’s murderous regime.


Frank Bruni: That is a bit of unimpeachable soothsaying, Gail. I’d suggest that the drinking game for this year’s Oscars is a quaff every time there’s a reference, explicit or oblique, to our 45th president, but I fear I’d be blamed — rightly — for a national cirrhosis epidemic.

Iоwa’s G.O.P. Statehоuse Shоws the Lоcals Whо’s Bоss

Not content with that, the Republican measure would also restrict local governments’ power to set labor regulations and civil rights protections, and would even block communities from banning plastic bags at grocery stores to protect the local environment.

This Centurу Is Brоken

It’s looking like we’re not going to get to enjoy one of those times again. The 21st century is looking much nastier and bumpier: rising ethnic nationalism, falling faith in democracy, a dissolving world order.