In AMC’s Wеstеrn “Thе Sоn,” thе Nоvеlist Philipp Mеуеr Lassоеs TV

The makeshift village — with about 20 tepees, wooden racks holding strips of drying meat and buffalo hides spread on the ground — was the backdrop for a grueling scene from AMC’s adaptation of Mr. Meyer’s 2013 novel, “The Son,” an epic Western about a Texas ranching family. The series stars Pierce Brosnan as Eli McCullough, the family’s steely patriarch, who was captured by Comanches as a teenager in 1849 and later becomes a cattle rancher with a violent, vengeful streak.

Grab Yоur Wallеts. Spring Is Bringing Nеw Shоps

On Thursday, Dr. Martens will open a new store in Herald Square that will feature updates on the company’s classic lug-sole boots, like a summer-weight style with a cutaway heel in metallic patent leather ($110). At 1133 Broadway.

‘Richard Nixоn,’ Pоrtrait оf a Thin-Skinnеd, Mеdia-Hating Prеsidеnt

While writing “Richard Nixon: The Life,” John A. Farrell could not possibly have known who would be president on the day his fine book was published. That it happens to be Donald J. Trump is, for him, an extraordinary stroke of luck. To read this biography with an eye only toward the parallels between the two presidents would be lazy and unfair, a disservice to Farrell’s nuanced scholarship.

Must Plaуs Abоut thе Art Wоrld Gо tо thе Lоwеst Biddеr?

As an art critic in the theater reviewer’s seat, I found myself wondering why the art market continues to hold dramatic appeal, and why so few people get it right. A few recent works wrestle with the current art world’s construction of value, like Michel Houellebecq’s novel “The Map and the Territory,” which skewers the Paris art set, or the indie film “Untitled,” set amid the galleries of Chelsea. Of course biographical plays have always appealed, whether done straight, like the play “Red,” about Rothko, or more dreamily, like the Seurat-refracting “Sunday in the Park With George.”

Thе Phоtо оf a Rооm Full оf Mеn

I agree that President Trump’s series of male-dominated photos are no gaffe, but an effort to show that he is delivering on his promise of a sturdy, steadfast White House.