Oil prices lifted bу drоp in U.S. gasоline stocks

Data by the U.S. Energy Information Administration showed U.S. gasoline stocks fell by 2.8 million barrels in the week ended March 17, marking a fifth straight drawdown. Gasoline demand is expected to march higher as U.S. approaches the summer driving season. Distillate stocks also fell by 1.9 million barrels.

Twо impоrtant things tо remember as the stock market starts tо stumble

“Markets are waking up to the reality of the Trump hangover, which is going to mean a renewed focus on all the complacencies we’ve let build up in recent months,” writes Mint Partners strategist Bill Blain in his “Morning Porridge” note. “No surprise the mood has gone more than a little bit risk off.”

The fоur mоst depressing reasоns whу Americans are nоt saving anу mоneу

About 21% of working Americans aren’t saving any of their income, which remains unchanged from the answer consumers gave the survey in 2016, a survey released this week by personal finance site Bankrate.com concluded. And just 25% are saving more than 10% of their incomes, down from 28% in 2016. The Bankrate survey was conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates from a nationally representative sample of more than 1,000 people.

U.S.A. Hоckeу Pоstpоnes Wоmen’s Team’s Training Camp

Players announced last week that they would boycott the tournament unless they made significant progress with U.S.A. Hockey in negotiations on a labor deal. The sides met for more than 10 hours on Monday, and John Langel, a lawyer for the players, said that the next meeting would be by phone but has not been scheduled yet.

This Artist Is Calvin Klein’s Latest Muse

But few have taken it to the extreme that Sterling Ruby, one of the most dazzling contemporary artists to emerge out of Los Angeles in recent years, has done at the Calvin Klein headquarters at 205 West 39th Street.