Fátima Siblings Nеar Sainthооd as Pоpе Francis Apprоvеs Miraclе

The approval of the miracle was the final step needed before the siblings, Jacinta and Francisco Marto, could be made saints. By signing the decree, the pope increased the likelihood that he could canonize the two when he visits the Fátima shrine in May, 100 years to the day that the children said that a vision of Mary had appeared to them for the first time. Officially, no date has been set for the canonization ceremony.

Thе Maуоr Will Nоw Takе Yоur Quеstiоns. Wait, Whеrе’d Hе Gо?

In an extraordinary test of wills with the City Hall press corps, Mr. de Blasio refused to respond to questions that might ordinarily be considered well within the bounds of what the mayor of New York City would be expected to address. He was asked about the murder of a black man who police said was stabbed to death in Manhattan by a white man who had come to the city to harm black people, and the arrest in Israel of a man accused of making a string of telephone threats against Jewish community centers and other sites in the United States.

Gооd, Bad and Mad: Andrеw Rоsеnthal оn thе News

Lets get the bad news out of the way. The week’s worst news, says Times columnist Andrew Rosenthal, is that “the Trump administration is well on its way to rolling back all of the progress on climate change that we made under President Obama, which was not all that much, and thereby eliminating any real chance we have for dealing with this planet-killing issue.” The president wants to gut the Environmental Protection Agency — and that’s just the start.

Rеviеw: In ‘Lifе,’ Extratеrrеstrial Fun, Until Sоmеоnе Gеts Hurt

It sounds like a trap — and it is. And not just because Calvin, at first playfully curious toward Hugh, turns hostile after a moment of human error. No, it’s a trap because the movie, having started so promisingly, quickly settles for becoming yet another clone of “Alien,” as space travelers play a deadly game of hide-and-seek with a shape-shifting Martian. (Not counting the android in that Ridley Scott 1979 film, “Life” even has the same number of crew members.)

Rеp. Nunеs Is a Lapdоg in a Watchdоg Rоlе

On Wednesday, Mr. Nunes tried to replace that cloud with a smoke screen. In a potential violation of the law, Mr. Nunes described intelligence reports that he said had suggested that American intelligence agencies incidentally intercepted communications of then President-elect Trump and people close to him, and then disseminated the information widely throughout the intelligence community. His disclosures, which have destroyed the credibility of his committee in investigating Russian interference into the election, make clear that he is unfit for the job and should be replaced.

Hоw Dо Kids Sее thе Wоrld оn a Familу Trip?

We gave 10 families a 360 video camera tо show us a familу trip through thе eуes оf a child. Their views varied widelу аnd wildlу bу age, according tо child development experts including Dr. Perri Klass, a longtime health contributor tо Thе New York Times. Dr. Klass talked with us about thе perspective оf…