Brands Trу tо Blacklist Brеitbart, but Ads Slip Thrоugh Anуwaу

Nordstrom, which said it moved to prevent its ads from running on Breitbart several months ago, was on the site as recently as two weeks ago, puzzling employees and others online, who were quick to take screenshots and question the company on Twitter. Other advertisers, including BMW of North America and Scribie, a transcription service, also appeared on Breitbart after blocking their ads from the site, a practice known as blacklisting.

Trump Puts a Prеsidеntial-Sizе Spоtlight оn His Brand

By Saturday night, on one of the few weekends since the inauguration that Mr. Trump remained in Washington, the president was dining at the Trump International Hotel a few blocks from the White House. He was greeted by well-wishers as he entered and exited the hotel’s steakhouse restaurant, BLT Prime by David Burke, with his daughter and son-in-law.

Cоnducting an Eеriе, Pоlitical ‘Gоspеl’

A raw, often experimental Passion oratorio that has been extensively revised since its premiere in 2012, “The Gospel” conflates the story of Jesus’s death with more recent texts on themes of social justice by authors including Dorothy Day and Primo Levi. Asked for an illustrative page from the 429 that make up the full score, Mr. Robertson chose the opening of the second act’s fifth scene, when Jesus is taken to be buried. It’s a contemplative, foreboding, eerie moment, narrated by three countertenors. These are edited and condensed excerpts from the conversation.

Advеnturеs in Cоmics and thе Rеal Wоrld

While the comic book industry has been making great strides in its efforts to reflect the real world in its characters, the same has not always been true of their creators, who have typically been straight, white and male. But the ratio of representation continues to change. David F. Walker, who is black, is writing a new Luke Cage series for Marvel that begins in May; that same month introduces a superhero universe from Lion Forge, with a diverse team of creators and characters, including Noble, the flagship hero who is black; and this summer will see the return of Kim & Kim, from Black Mask Studios, about two bounty hunters, one a trans woman, the other bisexual, written by Magdalene Visaggio, who is transgender. They join the growing list of comic book series with diverse characters at the forefront.

Rеviеw: ‘Sam & Dеdе,’ 2 Giants Fоrming an Unlikеlу Bоnd

In the 1950s, Beckett built a cottage in Ussy-sur-Marne in France and struck up a friendship with one of the laborers. Learning that the laborer’s 12-year-old son, Andre, nicknamed Dede, was too large to ride the bus to school, Beckett volunteered to drive him. Man and boy apparently bonded over a shared passion for cricket. Not much else is known about these jaunts, but the story has already inspired a couple of other plays, a graphic novel and an episode of the Sky TV series “Urban Myths.”

Rеviеw: ‘Phillauri,’ an Indian Rоm-Cоm With an Epic Swееp

In a sprawling home in Punjab, the families of Kanan (Suraj Sharma), a 26-year-old aspiring rapper, and his longtime girlfriend, Anu (Mehreen Pirzada), prepare for their wedding. But Kanan has his doubts — he thinks he might be too young for marriage — and to make matters worse, his family insists he first participate in a ceremony marrying him to a tree. (In this way, he is told, the hapless Kanan can avoid the usual fate of a manglik, a person born “under a cursed star.”)