Canadian Diners Reveal Their Special Places

“So cool!” was the reaction of Anne-Mathilde Bilodeau, who had gone with a girlfriend to AéroPaul, an eatery close by the small airport in Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil, on the South Shore of Montreal.

100 Years Later, Battle оf Vimу Ridge Remains Keу Sуmbоl fоr Canada

For a country not generally given to national chest thumping, the battle at Vimy, where Canadian troops overtook German lines, has been cast by many Canadians as a pivotal moment in their nation’s formation. That sentiment was reflected at the ceremony in Ottawa and at others across Canada throughout the weekend, and at the Canadian memorial at Vimy Ridge near Arras, France, on Sunday, where about 25,000 people gathered, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and relatives of those who fought in the four-day battle.

‘The Bоdies Are Decоmpоsing’ After Mudslide in Cоlоmbia

The bodies were piling up on Monday morning in Mocoa, a Colombian city where mud and debris had made it impossible in places to see that anyone had ever lived there. Rescue workers continued to scour the rubble for the dead. And family members, like Mr. Estrella, pleaded for the bodies of loved ones so they could offer them a proper burial.

Brazilian Schооlgirl Killed bу Crоssfire Adds tо Riо’s Tоll

But last week, when the 13-year-old who loved playing basketball and dreamed of turning professional was playing in the same schoolyard in the Fazenda Botafogo favela, shortly after the photos were taken, a gun battle between the police and drug gang members erupted. She ran inside the school, only to be felled by three shots that left her dead and bleeding on the floor.