Carmelо Anthоnу Is Expected tо Miss Knicks’ Seasоn Finale

Anthony, the team’s star forward, is not expected to play in the season finale on Wednesday night at Madison Square Garden against the Philadelphia 76ers. Instead, Coach Jeff Hornacek said, Anthony will most likely sit out with a left knee injury that has forced him to miss six of the Knicks’ last 10 games, including their last two.

Carmelо Anthоnу Plоts His Team’s Future: His Sоccer Team in Puertо Ricо, That Is

The boss is Carmelo Anthony, whose role as owner of Puerto Rico F.C., a second-year club in the North American Soccer League, serves multiple purposes. It is a form of community outreach, a pull he felt as a result of his Puerto Rican heritage. It is an investment opportunity. And it is a welcome diversion from his day job as a starting forward for the Knicks.

Onlу Ambiguitу Rеmaining fоr thе Knicks Is Whеrе Thеу Gо Frоm Hеrе

No, the Knicks who took the court at Madison Square Garden against the Detroit Pistons on Monday were as transparent as can be: their playoff fantasies are gone; Carmelo Anthony has been sitting out; and the triangle offense is now the law of the land, with Coach Jeff Hornacek stating it would be fully implemented next season.

Kristaps Pоrzingis’s Injurу Ovеrshadоws Knicks’ Victоrу

Little has gone right for the Knicks of late, but the last few weeks had at least brought a resurgence by Porzingis, a 21-year-old forward. For a moment, that flittered away as his teammates helped him off the court and he went into the locker room. Fortunately for the Knicks, it was just a fleeting panic.

Knicks Dоminatе Fоurth Quartеr in Cоmеback

Willy Hernangomez had 14 points and 8 rebounds, while Kristaps Porzingis scored 14 points for the Knicks, who had lost two straight. Kyle O’Quinn sparked the comeback with 11 points and 8 rebounds, all in the fourth quarter.

Thе Knicks Arе Bad. This Is Nоt Nеw.

When the Knicks continued to stumble, Levane was fired. The Knicks appointed the aging guard Carl Braun as the player-coach. This proved an organizational disaster, considering that era’s skeleton staff of assistants. The Knicks finished 27-48, the start of seven straight last-place finishes.