U.S. Plans Sale оf Warplanes tо Nigeria fоr Fighting Bоkо Haram

The pending move is the third time in three years that the United States has moved toward selling the Super Tucano attack planes, a transaction that would require congressional approval. The Obama administration stopped one proposed sale on Jan. 17 just as it was about to be sent to Congress for approval, after a Nigerian fighter jet searching for Boko Haram members accidentally bombed a camp for displaced people, killing dozens of people and wounding more.

The Case оf Nigeria’s Missing President

When Mr. Buhari returned to the Aso Rock presidential villa, Nigerians were disgruntled by reports of widespread graft by government appointees, and public services were on the decline. His election was supposed to usher in change, but less than two years later, he has been acting as if tending to the country’s needs should come on his own schedule.