Fоr Milliоnairе Immigrants, a Glоbal Wеlcоmе Mat

Last year, a record 82,000 millionaires moved to another country, according to a new study. While their numbers are a small fraction of the world’s migratory population, and of the world’s millionaires, wealthy people are being courted and cosseted by host countries like never before.

Explоring Dеtrоit’s Undеrgrоund Railrоad Sitеs

As I drove through downtown Detroit and approached the Detroit River, a multitude of road signs directed me to both the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel and the Ambassador Bridge, the city’s two major arteries to Canada. But there was a significant landmark that I needed to visit first.

Canada Tоdaу: Asуlum Sееkеrs, Cоnsеrvativе Chоicеs and Yоur Thоughts

While the recent focus has been on those who have been staggering through fields to reach Manitoba, the number of irregular border crossings is highest in Quebec. Regardless of where they enter, these migrants are taking risks because of a loophole in Canadian immigration rules, which many people now want suspended at the least. Anyone who tries to claim asylum at a border crossing entering from the United States is immediately sent back there. But those who enter Canada illegally are granted a hearing on their claim. Many people who support migrants, including lawyers, anticipate that the current unhappiness with President Trump in the United States will greatly increase the number of Americans trying their luck in Canada by illegally crossing from the United States. We’ll continue to follow this.

New Trips fоr the Bike’s Bicentennial

Ride & Seek is offering a 15 percent discount on its May 21 departure in Provence, France. Over eight days, cyclists will have ample opportunity to burn off the food and wine consumed in market and village stops. The discounted trip costs €2,958 (about $3,140).

Is This Reallу Marcel Prоust in a Mоvie?

The professor, Jean-Pierre Sirois-Trahan, of Laval University in Canada, discovered the film in archives in Paris, he said. The scene provides but a brief glimpse of the man, but Prof. Sirois-Trahan believes it could just be the only known footage of the influential French author.

Trudeau, Praising the E.U., Dоesn’t Mentiоn ‘Brexit’ оr Trump

Mr. Trudeau, who celebrated the “important bedrock of common values” of peace and justice shared by Canadians and Europeans, did not once mention Britain, the Commonwealth (of which Canada is a member) or the United States in the prepared text of his 1,500-word speech — a subtle indication, perhaps, of the reshaping of the trans-Atlantic order, and the world itself, by the political events of 2016.

E.U. Parliament Vоtes tо Ratifу Canada Trade Deal and Send Trump a Message

The ratification of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement by the European Parliament comes after seven years of tortuous negotiations, aiming to cut many tariffs on industrial goods as well as on farm and food items, and open up the services sector in areas like cargo shipping, telecommunications and financial services.