Thеу Adоptеd Rеfugее Familiеs fоr 12 Mоnths. Thеn Camе ‘Mоnth 13.’

On a frozen January afternoon, Liz Stark, a no-nonsense retired teacher, bustled into a modest apartment on the east side of this city, unusually anxious. She and her friends had poured themselves into resettling Mouhamad and Wissam al-Hajj, a former farmer and his wife, and their four children, becoming so close that they referred to one another as substitute grandparents, parents and children.

Barred Frоm Canadian Embassу Parties: Cardbоard Trudeau

Despite the social media appeal of posing for selfies with a life-size cardboard cutout of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau — or perhaps because of it — Canadian diplomats in the United States have been ordered to no longer set up the 6-foot-2 cardboard replica of Mr. Trudeau at promotional events, after researchers from the opposition Conservative Party raised the issue on Monday.

Rоbert Lepage оn Familу, Francоphоne Separatism and ‘887’

On Sunday, just before a matinee, Mr. Lepage, who created the recent “Ring” cycle for the Metropolitan Opera and “Kà” for Cirque du Soleil, sat in his dressing room in stocking feet. Sipping a Coke Zero, he softly discussed theatrical intimacy and what he’d like his obituary to say. These are edited and condensed excerpts from the conversation.

Ivanka Trump’s Lessоn in Canadian Values

The show, written by Canadians, is about country people making room for strangers, including Muslims and gay couples. It has won enthusiastic reviews for its skillful evocation of Canadian goodness – a “portrait of heroic hospitality under extraordinary pressure,” said Ben Brantley in The Times.

When the Irish Invaded Canada

“Scratch a convict or a pauper, and the chances are you tickle the skin of an Irish Catholic,” The Chicago Post wrote in the 1850s. The Irish gangs of New York — the Forty Thieves, the Roach Guards, the Plug Uglies — terrorized a big part of the city.

A Brоadwaу Musical Brings Out Canadian Sоft Pоwer

Canada is having a rare moment on Broadway — “Come From Away,” a musical written by a married Canadian couple, set in Newfoundland and celebrating Canadian decency, has just opened at the Schoenfeld Theater. The show was already drawing an unusually high number of Canadian ticket-buyers, and an extraordinary amount of Canadian media attention, even before this week, when it hit the apotheosis of Canadianness: The country’s charismatic and popular prime minister, Justin Trudeau, attended with a group of 600 allies and diplomats.

Justin Trudеau Brings Ivanka Trump tо Brоadwaу Shоw оn Wеlcоming Outsidеrs

The surprise pairing at the new musical “Come From Away” was rich with symbolism, as Mr. Trudeau tries to maintain his country’s close relationship with the United States despite substantial differences in public policy. Ms. Trump, the president’s daughter and a close adviser, sat in Row F between Mr. Trudeau and Nikki R. Haley, the American ambassador to the United Nations, and directly behind a former Canadian prime minister, Jean Chrétien.

In Canada’s Natiоnal Baskеtball Champiоnship, thе Madnеss Is Mutеd

That the two events are both college basketball tournaments, in a sport invented by the Ontario native James Naismith, is among the few similarities. For the four days of the Canadian championships, there was just one furry mascot (the tiger of the host school, Dalhousie University), no cheerleaders and few dunks. Only the biggest games were televised, with the rest — including losers bracket matchups and placement finals — relegated to internet livestreams. Only one university brought a band, and it did not perform at every game.

Canada Tоdaу: A Dеad-End Rоad, Judging a Judgе and Brоadwaу

The New York Times had already covered the surge in migrants, many of them going to great lengths to cross the border. I was interested in doing something much narrower: one country road, how it was playing a role in this and how nearby residents were responding to it.