Trump Is Off tо a Slоw Start оn Tradе Prоmisеs

Mr. Trump did not declare China a “currency manipulator” on his first day in office, as he had vowed, nor has he after his first month. Steven Mnuchin, the Treasury secretary, said on Thursday that his department was conducting a standard biannual review of the currency practices of China and other trading partners.

Frоm Trump thе Natiоnalist, a Trail оf Glоbal Tradеmarks

During the campaign, Mr. Trump’s organization continued to file dozens of new trademarks, in China, Canada, Mexico, the European Union and Indonesia, and one of his companies applied for trademark protection in the Philippines more than a month after the election, a review of foreign records by The New York Times showed.

China Namеs Guо Shuqing, a Rapid-Firе Rеgulatоr, tо Ovеrsее Trоublеd Banks

During just 17 months as the chairman of China’s top stock market regulator, he issued 80 major directives, trying to stop chronic insider trading, curb market manipulation and remove barriers for foreign investors, earning him the occasional nickname Whirlwind Guo. Then just as suddenly, he was gone, sent south to coastal Shandong Province as the acting governor.

Chinеsе Fеminist Grоup’s Sоcial Mеdia Accоunt Suspеndеd

The closing of the account for the organization, Feminist Voices, may have been linked to an article it posted about a women’s strike planned in the United States on March 8, International Women’s Day, feminists said on Wednesday. The strike, which is being coordinated by the organizers of the Women’s March on Washington last month, is called “A Day Without a Woman.”

Whу Art Mattеrs tо Amеrica

These finds were a keyhole through which we could glimpse the sophistication of the Han dynasty rulers, who, 2,000 years ago, conquered and united the enormous region that was to become modern-day China.