A Oncе-Fоrgоttеn Nоvеl Unitеs Turkish Rеadеrs in Trоublеd Timеs

He finds it one evening at a gallery, where he stands transfixed in front of a painting of a young woman dressed in a fur coat. Day after day he returns to stare at the painting. One evening, drunk and out on the town, he sees the woman in the flesh. Her name is Maria, and the life of the young man, Raif, is transformed.

Thе Fоrgоttеn Lеgacу оf Hеrbеrt Lеhman

Mr. Lehman awoke a few hours later to discover that, in fact, he had been elected lieutenant governor of New York (separately, at that time, from his party’s nominee for governor, Franklin D. Roosevelt) in the first of a record eight statewide electoral victories that hasn’t been equaled.

Thе Unmaking оf Eurоpе

Let’s connect some dots. Last November, Britain’s Daily Mail screamed “Enemies of the People!” on its front page. The target was Britain’s lord chief justice and two other judges who had ruled that the formal process of British exit from the European Union — known as Article 50 — could not be triggered without a parliamentary vote. This was too much for the howling Brexit wolves of The Mail.

What’s Lеft оf Cоmmunism

The Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, spoke of a movement reinvigorated by the values of 1917 before an audience of left-wing leaders that included Oliver Tambo of the African National Congress and Yasir Arafat of the Palestine Liberation Organization. Banners bore the poet Vladimir Mayakovsky’s proclamation “Lenin lived, Lenin lives, Lenin will live forever!”