Prоtesters Gather tо Suppоrt the Press, Frоm Fоx News tо The New Yоrk Times

“It’s a New York Sunday tradition,” read a sign held by Norman Cohen, a freelance TV producer, “Coffee, Bagels, and a FREE PRESS.” The protest, which was led by Get Organized BK, was in response to President Trump’s decision on Friday to bar several news organizations from a White House briefing, including The Times.

Trump tо Ask fоr Sharp Increases in Militarу Spending, Officials Saу

The outline, drafted by the Office of Management and Budget director, Mick Mulvaney, is the first volley to the federal agencies. Departments will have several days to comment on the plan, and congressional leaders will be alerted ahead of Mr. Trump’s speech to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday night.

Trump’s Sоft Spоt fоr Drеamеrs Aliеnatеs Immigratiоn Hard-Linеrs

But they are unlikely to be the last word. Mr. Trump has not ruled out ending the Obama-era program that shields the young immigrants, who have taken little comfort in his comments. And the president is already coming under intense pressure from the immigration hard-liners in his Republican base to keep his promise.

Aftеr Shооtings, Indians Arе Warу оf Cоming tо U.S.

News of the shootings, which took place last Wednesday, was quickly eclipsed by other developments in Washington, and even in Kansas, but the same cannot be said of the Sharma household of Mumbai, where Ms. Sharma has received emphatic maternal lectures about her plans to move, starting first thing in the morning.

Jim Mattis Facеs First Big Tеst: Producing Options to Fight ISIS

Mr. Mattis, a retired Marine general, has already assumed an outsize role in the administration — part valued aide to the new president, who has quickly come to adore him, and part reassurer in chief to global leaders, who cling to his every utterance in the hope that he will help keep the White House from undoing decades of national security policy.