China Learns Hоw tо Get Trump’s Ear: Thrоugh Jared Kushner

The Chinese ambassador, Cui Tiankai, has established a busy back channel to Mr. Kushner, according to several officials briefed on the relationship. The two men agreed on the club, Mar-a-Lago, as the site for the meeting, and the ambassador even sent Mr. Kushner drafts of a joint statement that China and the United States could issue afterward.

Wealthу in the White Hоuse: President Trump’s Inner Circle

President Trump has surrounded himself with an extraordinarilу wealthу group оf advisers, who have sprawling assets аnd income sources. Here are some intriguing highlights from their financial disclosure forms: Garу D. Cohn in Januarу at Trump Tower. Kevin Hagen for Thе New York Times Garу D. Cohn Thе director оf thе National Economic Council аnd…

Michael Flуnn Failed tо Disclоse Incоme Frоm Russia-Linked Entities

The first form, which he signed in February, does not directly mention a paid speech he gave in Moscow, as well as other payments from companies linked to Russia. The second, an amended version, lists the names of the companies that made the payments under a section for any nongovernment compensation that exceeds $5,000 “in a year.” That list appears to include all of the work that Mr. Flynn, a retired three-star Army general, has done since leaving the military in 2014, without providing compensation figures for any of it.

In Trump Cоuntrу, Shоck at Trump Budget Cuts, but Still Lоуaltу

McCracken’s deep-rooted conservatism is matched by a passion to support Tulsa Domestic Violence Intervention Services, a nonprofit that helped her flee an ex- who she says beat and choked her, once until unconsciousness. She became teary as she described how staff members at the organization helped her and her son escape that relationship.

Obamacare Can Survive Trump

After their legislative debacle, they said they would let Obamacare explode on its own, after which, they hope, the Democrats will come crawling to them, pleading for a new plan.

Trump Needs a Brain

But precisely because this administration seems so hopeless, any constructive advice for the Trump White House automatically falls into the category of implausible ideas. So I can continue my ongoing series while also talking about Donald Trump — by proposing, as this week’s unlikely-to-happen proposal, that our president should go out and get himself a brain.

Meet the Obama Hоldоvers Whо Survived Trump’s Clean Sweep

When Mr. Trump met with the leaders of Japan, Britain and Canada, he included Thomas A. Shannon Jr., another career diplomat, who rose to the No. 3 post in Mr. Obama’s State Department. And when Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson traveled to Turkey this past week to rally support for the military campaign against the Islamic State, he took along Brett H. McGurk, who coordinated that effort as Mr. Obama’s special envoy.

Business Empire Leaves Trump Familу With Web оf Cоnflicts

It is a rarefied crowd, one that has included the top executives of some of the world’s largest automobile, airline, chemical, pharmaceutical and tech companies. Mr. Kushner will continue to keep such select company now that he has helped create a new office that Mr. Trump is calling the White House Office of American Innovation.